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What is the contract process like?

When you contact us we will schedule a meeting for a free estimate. After we gain information of what you will want we will send a contract within 24 hours. Once we are in agreement we can start service as soon as 1-2 days after contract is signed.

How often can services occur?

Services can occur whenever needed. We usually do either weekly, biweekly, and monthly.

How quickly can service begin?

Within 1-2 days upon request.

Are there any late fees?


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What is the difference between regular and deep cleaning?

Depending on the type of property deep cleaning can include additional services such as wall cleaning, floor scrubbing, window seal cleaning, window screen cleaning, patio power wash, and siding powerwash cleaning. We work one-on-one with clients to formulate a customized deep cleaning plan.

How do I sign up for recurring services?

The process is very simple. Contact us and we will email you a contract to sign.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations within 24 hours of service will not incur a charge. Cancellations done less than 24 hours before service will result in a $25.00 fee.

When do I pay?

For one-time service, payments is due at the time service is complete. For recurring services, payments are arranged in contract agreement.

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Do I need to provide any cleaning products?

No. Cleaning products are included.

Are green cleaning services available?

Yes. By request we can provide services that include natural products. These services incur an additional fee.

Are the services guaranteed?

Absolutely! Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Let us know within 24 hours of service and we will be glad to take care of it. We will not stop until we see a smile on your face.

Do I have to be home during the service?

No. You can discuss arrangements with our team such as using a lockbox outside of the home.

What if I have pets?

Not a problem. We just ask that you leave the pet locked in a room while we are cleaning.